Mauka Ya Dhokha

Mauka Ya Dhokha

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2023Suspense114hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

Beware what you wish for! If some dreams come true, they can topple your life, forever. ‘Mauka Ya Dhokha’ is an edge-of-the-seat murder mystery thriller, set in scenic Goa, driven by love, greed & bet ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

A frustrated Amit accidentally meets Shalini and in an emotional moment expresses a dark wish. What if his wish was to come true?

Monica is found dead and Amit is the prime suspect. He must escape to prove his innocence and stumbles upon a captive Shalini and an even bigger problem.

Amit and Shalini both realise they have been played. But by whom? Can they survive this?

Will Amit put his life in danger to save Shalini's life? How did Satyajit know Monica? The game gets more dangerous.

Now Amit and Shalini must play the game as dictated by Satyajit. But was it a bigger trap in play?

The Game Changer. Who has played the biggest game? Will it consume Amit?

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