Meter Down - Hindi

Meter Down - Hindi

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2021Drama112hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

This is an era of social media, it's an oxygen of youth. It's not possible to imagine life without Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. Yet we forget to believe in true human connection, empathy, love. I ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Sankarshan, a fashion photographer is dating  Mansi, Neha, Pranali And Soniya bhabhi at same time. Pranali's roommate Isha gets to know about Sankarshan as Mansi sends her picture of him as her would ...Read more

Isha informs Pranali and Mansi as Sankarshan is double dating both of them. Mansi is in shock but Isha advises her not to react over this as she is plotting something to trap Sankarshan. Isha gets to ...Read more

Sankarshan gets trapped at Soniya Bhabhi's place as her husband visits home, but somehow he manages to escape. Isha reaches to Addy and. gathers the information about Neha. Pranali and Isha desides to ...Read more

Isha informs Mansi about Neha, a one more girlfriend of Sankarshan. Pranali asks for the burger treat to Sankarshan and they meets,  while conversation Pranali asks Sankarshan about Neha.

Isha maneges to bring Neha at her place and informs her about Sankarshan's scandels. Neha agrees to support her and informs her about Soniya, the name which taken by Sankarshan. Isha meets Addy and sh ...Read more

Sankarshan forces Addy to call Isha to tell her about he is loyal with Pranali, Addy does that so. Mansi meets Sankarshan and breaks her relation with her. Neha denies to be with Sankarshan, Soniya bh ...Read more

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