Mom & Co.

Mom & Co.

IMDb Rating NA
Season 110 Episodes
2020Drama189hr 00 min Season 110 Episodes

Mom & Co is a tender story about a mom and son who start a tiffin business together. The business brings them closer but comes with conflicts that test their relationship. Will the love between them t ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Aditya’s world in a nutshell: Perfect job. Great girlfriend. Awesome friends. Oh! And his Aai Suhasini. Suhasini’s world in a nutshell: Aditya. Will mother and son be able to bridge this gap between t ...Read more

Aditya’s world has turned upside down. A new job, a break-up and in his opinion, a slightly over-enthusiastic Aai. At this point, his life has taken on a sour note. Will Aditya finally appreciate his ...Read more

It's life as usual for Aditya and Suhasini. Until Aditya is hit with a major reality check. The mundane, motonous life Adita has been living needs to be shaken up! What's cooking for Aditya and his ...Read more

Aai's Kitchen is booming! But a bad review by a popular food critic threatens Aditya and Suhasini's small business in a big way. How will Aditya and Suhasini protect their new business?

Running a business is not easy and Aai's Kitchen learns this the hard way. Is this the end of the road for this unique mom and son partnership?

There's good news for Aai's Kitchen! But when Aditya discovers a shocking secret his mother has been keeping for years, his world takes a sharp turn. What is Suhasini's secret?

Aditya throws his mom the best surprise party! But when a surprise guest shows up, things go south quickly. What gets Suhasini so angry? Is this the secret person Suhasini has been writing to?

Aditya has misunderstood his mother all these years. But when a huge secret is unravelled, that changes everything he thought he knew about his mother, Aditya is shattered. Will Aditya finally step an ...Read more

"A mother's heart is always with her children." But somewhere while we're growing up, we forget the reason of our happiness. Aditya finds a way to apologise to his mother for all those years he has ta ...Read more

It’s been quite the ride for Aai’s Kitchen. What started as a Suhasini’s dream has taken on a new life when mom and son teamed up. Aai’s Kitchen takes on a new challenge which will test their merit an ...Read more

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