IMDb Rating NA
Season 15 Episodes
2022Drama101hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

The story begins in Murdaahi, a remote village located in India. A name that induce terror and horror in the mind of people. This place offers death at free of cost and life is the most expensive thi ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Gang of four men Fule (Leader of the gang), Malha, Chheda and Lussan lives secretly in a remote village situated in India. Looting and killing people is their way of work and subsistence. It is report ...Read more

The gang kidnap Payal, girlfriend of Local Don Dabbu Bhaiya. Bodyguard of Payal is also killed by them however the driver manage to run away from there. The gang takes Payal to their den. She begs the ...Read more

Restless Don Dabbu Bhaiya sends his goon to find Payal. Payal has lost her dignity and suffering from gang. Gang leader Fule trying to be cordial with Payal. Then somehow, taking advantage of the oppo ...Read more

Goons of Dabbu Bhaiya did not get any lead about Payal. Dabbu goes to the same place with the handful of goons to find his love. Police is also in search of the gang. Poor Payal held by Malha while es ...Read more

Lussan and Chheda are killed by Payal and Doctor. Payal run away from with Doctor. Dabbu also reaches there and caught Malha. Fule has arrived at the same place. Doctor gets shot by Dabbu Bhaiya. Poli ...Read more

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