My Wife's Lover

My Wife's Lover

IMDb Rating NA
Season 14 Episodes
2023Drama84hr 00 min Season 14 Episodes

Kiran Rao, his sister Diya and his wife Priya are happy family but for the last few days they are scared because Diya is being teased by Raj and Rahul. Even after complaining about those goons to the ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Someone has caught sight of Kiran Rao smiling family. Someone is harassing Kiran's sister Diya, yet she is going to college out of fear. Raj and Rahul tease Diya when she is going to college. When ...Read more

In the absence of KiranRao, both Priya and Akshay are making reels at home. Kiran gets angry after seeing both of them. Because Kiran does not like making reel.

Kiran Rao’s sister Diya has been kidnapped. Kidnapper has demanded Rs 50lakh. Kiran takes the money but the kidnapper does not find it. Priya and Akshay are planning to make Kiran disappear.

Along with Diya, Kiran Rao has also been kidnapped. Akshay say she has found the kidnapper and asks Priya to collect more money. Priya takes the money and goes with Akshay, then the police catches Aks ...Read more

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