Police And Crime

Police And Crime

IMDb Rating NA
Season 18 Episodes
2022Crime170hr 00 min Season 18 Episodes

The series is centered on Officer Shivaji Patil, a shrewd investigator with a criminal's mind who stops at nothing to crack a case. Each episode delves into real-life inspired cases intertwined with d ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

In a city gripped by fear, four gruesome murders leave police baffled as they find dismembered body parts scattered in mysterious patterns. Despite their best efforts, profiling the killer proves futi ...Read more

In a city terrorized by a serial killer, police are baffled by four gruesome murders, each involving dismembered body parts. A breakthrough reveals the chilling pattern: the victims are all brides-to- ...Read more

In a quiet town, panic ensues as children start disappearing without a trace, leaving the police completely baffled. The situation hits a personal note when the inspector's favorite kid also goes miss ...Read more

Inspector Karan frantically searches for the missing children, including his favorite, but each raid turns up empty. As time slips away, the pressure mounts, and Karan's emotional turmoil grows. The t ...Read more

Inspector Karan faces a perplexing new case as truck drivers begin disappearing without a trace, leaving no clues behind. With pressure mounting, Karan dives into the underbelly of the trucking indust ...Read more

The mysterious disappearances of truck drivers and uncovers a crucial clue at a gas agency, only to hit a dead end. As the case becomes more complicated with the discovery of dismembered body parts, t ...Read more

A mystery box arrives at the police station, containing the severed head of a girl, throwing Inspector Karan and his team into turmoil. The case becomes increasingly entangled as the taunting criminal ...Read more

A chilling pattern emerges as a taunting criminal sends cryptic hints to the police before each murder, leaving no clear clues behind. Inspector Karan and his team are pushed to their limits, trying t ...Read more

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