Psycho Urvashi

Psycho Urvashi

IMDb Rating NA
Season 13 Episodes
2022Drama26hr 00 min Season 13 Episodes

Urvashi kills an unknown man. She invites another man into her hosue and starts living with him. She loves him passionately. Urvashi tries to possess him by force. Man urges him to go for an interview ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Urvashi kills a man. She then is seen with another man who she finds at a bus station. She gives him a toxic drink whoch makes him unconscious.

The man finds himself tied to the bed. Urvashi comes with knife and asks him surrender him in her love. The man topples her and ties her to bed and then make love with her. She falls in love with him. ...Read more

The man goes for an interview after seeking her permission. She doubts if he will come back. He comes back and in emotions she tells her story og killing men who doesn't accept her love. The man revea ...Read more

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