Rabindranath Yahan Kabhi Nahi Aayein

Rabindranath Yahan Kabhi Nahi Aayein

IMDb Rating NA
Season 19 Episodes
2023Thriller225hr 00 min Season 19 Episodes

The enigmatic Mushkan Zuberi is known for cooking up a storm. But as the secrets pile up, someone else turns up the heat on her. Watch the mystery unravel only on hoichoi.

Languages: Hindi

Mushkan Zuberi has cast a spell on everyone with the mouth-watering food at her famous restaurant. Journalist Nirupam Chanda arrives at Sundarpur to write a story on the enigmatic Mushkan and her eate ...Read more

Ator Ali helps Nirupam piece together Mushkan's connection to Sundarpur. When Nirupam stealthily enters Mushkan's mansion later that night, he sees things that baffle him.

Nirupam and Ator escape by a whisker. However, Ator faces the wrath of OC Tapan Sikdar the next day.

Nirupam's real identity shocks the police. Ator faces a deadly attack.

Nirupam enlists the help of CBI veteran Khawraj Khashnobish to get to the root of the mystery called Mushkan Zuberi. Will the clock run out on Ator Ali's life?

While Nirupam hurls accusations at Mushkan, she seems to have an explanation for everything. But she gets stumped when Nirupam brings up 'Charulata'. Who is Charulata?

The reality of Mushkan's past knocks the wind out of Nirupam. A former colleague of Mushkan's helps Khashnobish join the dots.

A shocking discovery sets the police on Mushkan's trail. What will be Nirupam's fate?

Mushkan Zuberi has disappeared into thin air. But she hasn't forgotten her friend, Nirupam. What is her last gift to him?

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