Raita Phail Gaya

Raita Phail Gaya

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2020Comedy103hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

Four friends,two girls, a bachelor pad and lots of raita everywhere. This rib-tickling comedy brings the house down when Shankey's father arrives unannounced in their house.

Languages: Hindi

Four friends Shankey, Harry, Debu and Tony are enjoying a great bachelor life in their bachelor pad. Shankey's girlfriend, Sapna and Harry's girlfriend, Aayat regularly visit them. One day Shankey's f ...Read more

Shankey's father is shocked by the state of the house and the life Shankey and his friends have been living. He tells Shanky that he can't live here and also asks Shankey to join him.

When Shankey's father is about to leave, Harry's aunt (Vidya bua) visits their house for a short stay. It's love at first sight for Shankey's father. Interestingly, Lalchand, the landlord, has also fa ...Read more

There is a big confusion in the house when Shankey's father sees Shankey's girlfriend, Sapna in the house. Scared Shanky tells his father that she is Debu's wife and that Aayat is Sapna's sister, whic ...Read more

An unsual love triangle between Shankey's father, Vidya Bua and the landlord, leads to the comedy of errors.

What happens when Shankey's father comes to know about the truth? Will Shankey and his friends be able to get out of this raita? And what will happen to father's love interest, Vidya Bua?

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