Ready 2 Mingle

Ready 2 Mingle

IMDb Rating NA
Season 110 Episodes
2020Drama210hr 00 min Season 110 Episodes

NIRAV (27) and MYRA (28), a young, hip, urbane, couple fall in love and start an unusual start-up company called ‘Ready 2 Mingle’; a singles’ parties and mixers Overtime ‘Ready 2 Mingle’ is heavily bu ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

The first episode introduces us to NIRAV CHABBRA (27) and MYRA BANERJEE (28). We begin with an interview, where we catch a glimpse into what makes this attractive young couple tick! We’ll learn that N ...Read more

In second episode we explore the dichotomy of Nirav and Myra’s relationship! We see the contrast between their public image and their private lives. We’ll see how the intensity, the passion has slowly ...Read more

The third episode of the series finds both Nirav and Myra grappling with their newfound feelings for Radhika/ Zeeshan... even as they make a last- ditch attempt to work things out between themselves! ...Read more

As the fourth episode commences, both Nirav and Myra are now in frequent touch with Radhika and Zeeshan respectively (in secret, of course!). They are both flirting with their respective crushes: for ...Read more

It’s anniversary time, and celebrations are in order! It’s Nirav and Myra’s two year anniversary the two have booked a farmhouse, near Lonavala months in advance. As the episode commences, Nirav Myra, ...Read more

Nirav and Myra have now decided to give each other some space. They’re still sharing living quarters but technically, they’re on a break. They have to present to the world outside... that they’re stil ...Read more

As this episode commences, Myra is in for a bit of a rude shock... when her mother, Anamika, pays her a surprise visit! Myra and her mother always had a rather tricky relationship. Anamika had brough ...Read more

Myra, especially, has taken the moment with Nirav to heart. She begins to notice the imperfections in Zeeshan: till now, Zeeshan had seemed practically flawless to her. But now... Myra begins to notic ...Read more

The episode commences with Myra talking about an upcoming engagement of an ex RTM couple and how they must keep their schedules free for it. The two decide to recycle one of their old unopened gifts, ...Read more

The season finale of ‘Ready 2 Mingle’ commences with Nirav and Myra entering the book launch where they talk about the family that the business has become. Nirav talks about the engagement party they ...Read more

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