Rishte Naate kuch Nahi Sabse Bada Rupaiya Hi Hota Hai

Rishte Naate kuch Nahi Sabse Bada Rupaiya Hi Hota Hai

IMDb Rating NA
Season 15 Episodes
2023Drama88hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

Shanta,a generous hardworking married woman who works as a maid has many problems in her life as her useless drunkard husband and her lover ganesh who is a local leader always demands money from her. ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

After hiding the money from her husband,Shanta goes to the Pandit to keep her money safely. Ganesh asks Shanta for money for his expenses. Shanta's useless husband Baburao again harasses Shanta for al ...Read more

Raj meets a producer,RD. The producer and his actress traps Raj and demand Rs 10 lakh from him. Ganesh goes to Guruji asking for election ticket and in return Guruji asks for 10 lakhs from him. Babura ...Read more

Shanta informs Raj about the kidnapping of their neighbor Sharmaji. Shanta puts pressure on Ganesh to get married soon. There,Raj plans a fake kidnapping to extort money from his wife and includes Sha ...Read more

Shanta also involves her boyfriend Ganesh in the kidnapping plan. Raj tells the producer that he will come soon with Rs 10 lakh. Shanta is heartbroken when she learns that Ganesh is using her. There R ...Read more

Shanta takes the ransom money from Pooja and keeps it at the location where Raj is hiding. After attacking Raj,Baburao takes the money and leaves from there. Ganesh attacks Baburao and comes to Guruji ...Read more

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