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Season 15 Episodes
2022Romance57hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

A story in reverse where two strangers live together in Mumbai without labeling themselves as a couple.

Languages: Hindi

Anjali and her partner go to their respective work after an early morning argument. Here we get to know that Anjali doesn’t like smoking and scolds him for smoking in the bathroom. He is an associate ...Read more

It’s a Sunday afternoon. We realize that the date has gone backward. Both of them fight about who is going to cook food. Guy wants to have chicken and the girl wants to have vegetarian food as she is ...Read more

This is the night when they have shifted together. Here it reveals that Anjali is working in a dental clinic and she does modeling also. She has come from Siliguri, West Bengal in order to become an ...Read more

This is the day when they have met for the first time. The scene starts with a house party where both of them interact. His name is Kovid Soneshwary and he is from Chhattisgarh. He also does Modellin ...Read more

Now, this episode is not a part of the reverse story. This episode basically comes after the first episode in the sense of real-time. It starts with Anjali and Kovid having a small fight as Anjali ha ...Read more