RTI - Romance Training Institute

RTI - Romance Training Institute

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2023Comedy154hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

Dr Kamdev kumar is a sexologist & counsellor. He starts this institute in the name of “Romance Training Institute” in which any sex and romance problem will be solved. They hire a girl name Mishti, wh ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Dr. Kamdev is sexologist & counsellor, Lallan forces him to open institute in the name of Romance Training Institute, so that couples can come & discuss their issues, they hire Mishti.

4 couples enters in the RTI, Kamdev hires Jaspal also, Kamdev meets all the couples & try to understand problems.

All the 4 guys tries to impress Mishti & how she also try to seduce them with dialogues.

All the 4 guys’ tries to impress Mishti, all the 4 girls discuss about their married life.

All the things going on as usual in RTI, Inspector Shubhankar comes to find the criminal Ponty & Pagli.

In this group at RTI, Ponty & Pagli are there which will be revealed in the final

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