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Season 18 Episodes
2023Crime168hr 00 min Season 18 Episodes

This is the story of Police officer Romil Rana, he wants to end the crime in the society at any cost. Chinu Pandit wanted to make himself a big gangster but is killed by Rana in an encounter. While Ra ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Police finds an unknown dead body in the sea. On the other hand an inquiry is going on on IPS Romil Rana. Is there a connection between the inquiry and the dead body?

IPS Romil Rana tells his judge wife about the loopholes in the law, because of which Chinu Pandit used to escape from her. Will Romil Rana find a way out?

Chinu Pandit steps into the world of crime while IPS Romil Rana rises from a corrupt system…

Rana is surrounded by burning questions. Are these questions an indication of troubles, or the beginning of a new era…?

Pandit's world of crime gets worse. Rana starts looking for an academic guru to stop Pandit. Will Rana's search be fulfilled?

Will Romil Rana be able to expose the unethical businesses going on under the guise of religion and law? After all, when will this murderous game stop?

Tussled between morality and immorality, will Romil be able to stop the crime and the growing business of Chinu Pandit? Or will he himself become its pawn?

Romil Rana manages to put a stop on rampant crime, but another conspiracy threatens all his efforts.

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