Screwed Up

Screwed Up

IMDb Rating 9
Season 110 Episodes
2023Crime209hr 00 min Season 110 Episodes

Ruha makes Eshan to lure Maggy in his love trap by pretending to care about her career. He pushes her to get huge sum of money in exchange for a big leap in her modelling career. Maggy, who is just on ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Inspector Matthew is on his way back home when he is reassigned to a crime scene which is the victim, Neha’s house. Reluctantly but with his uncanny investigative abilities, he finds out the victim is ...Read more

Maggy reaches home to find her father Imanuel extremely mad at her for partying until late at the same time she spots Sid outside her house telling her that He has got the money. Excited Maggy and Sid ...Read more

Ehsan is stranded; Tanya passes by and gives him a lift. They become familiar and she discovers his gambling and also turns to mock him for his tough luck. To raise his spirits, she gets down to a sto ...Read more

Ipsy along with her husband Sameer and kid Omi are on their way to celebrate Imanuel’s birthday. They find Maggy with Nikhil’s dead body on the road. Maggy drives away as they approach her. To save he ...Read more

Maggy needs a lot of money to attain her dream of becoming a supermodel. She chooses two scapegoats, Sid and Nikhil, and lures them one after the other. She pushes them to elope with her, creating urg ...Read more

Neha is left alone at her house, while her husband Raj has gone on a trip. Tanya is Neha’s best friend and also works for Raj. She visits Neha and collects some money for official purposes. Sid, Neha’ ...Read more

Nikhil dressed as Santa, breaks into his father’s supermarket to rob the money. To his dismay, the locker turns out to be unbreakable. He is extremely disappointed, just then he finds Tanya, his ex-gi ...Read more

Imanuel, on his evening walk, is pulled into the graveyard by his dog, Dot. He is utterly shocked to see Sid’s dead body. To save Maggy, he decides to cover up the crime and takes the corpse from the ...Read more

Ruha wants to save Ehsan from the gangster by paying his debts. She suggests he trap Maggy under the pretext of becoming a supermodel and use her as the cash cow. On witnessing them together Ruha gets ...Read more

After finding that Sid’s body is missing, Maggy runs away from the graveyard. She finds Nikhil lying on the road. He dies in her arms, handing over the cash. She sees someone approaching her, so drive ...Read more

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