Shree Kaamdev Prasanna - Marathi

Shree Kaamdev Prasanna - Marathi

IMDb Rating NA
Season 15 Episodes
2019Comedy103hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

This is the story of Milind (35) a simple and innocent guy. His biggest problem is his inability to speak to girls and therefore no matter how hard his mother tries, Milind continues to be single.. On ...Read more

Languages: Marathi

Kaamdev's perfect life with the apsaras in the heaven gets disturbed when he is sent to earth to help Milind, who because of his shyness is incapable of speaking to women.

Kaamdev gives his Mantra to Milind and tells him its advantages and disadvantages. Kaamdev wants Milind to use the Mantra in front of different girls fto practice. Milind lands up in extremely awkward ...Read more

Milind gets the shock of his life when he finds himself with a young and a beautiful girl, Hema in his bed. Hema tells Milind that she wants to be with him. Shivani is shocked to see Hema in Milinds ...Read more

Despite several attempts Kaamdev is unable to help Milind. Chitragupta is now angry and gives Kaamdev a tight deadline. If Kaamdev cant do the job, he will have to stay back on the erth for ever. Wil ...Read more

The deadline is here and before the end of the day Kaamdev must solve Milinds problem. But by the time Milind finally gathers some courage Kaamdevs powers are gone. So will Milind be able to help Ka ...Read more

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