IMDb Rating NA
Season 14 Episodes
2024Romance62hr 00 min Season 14 Episodes

Tumesh, disappointed with his 12th grade final exam results, decides to start his studies again with renewed motivation. He joins a coaching institute with his friend Vivek, who is repeating class 12 ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

On result day and Tumesh witnesses bad news he couldn’t make it in final exams of 12 th , He decides to repeat the class, a guidence by his friend manish,he joins a coaching institute, a new term star ...Read more

Tumesh is close to Vivek, a situation makes bad impression of Tumesh, he talks to avni for the very first time, as he feels nervous and uneasy every single time, he talks to Avani, whenever he tries ...Read more

Journey unfolds,Tumesh has feelings for Avani, time flies but Tumesh unable to express his feelings for Avani, he gets chances to impress her but every time he fails, some way or the other, and we see ...Read more

Time flies, and it's the result day again, Tumesh talks to avani after a long time, she plans a date, and the conclusion of short-term relationship journey is narrated by tumesh

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