SSS: Sex,Secret Aur Saaya

SSS: Sex,Secret Aur Saaya

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2024Thriller135hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

"Sex, Secret aur Saaya" is a suspenseful thriller series that delves into the sinister secrets lurking within the mysterious room no. 911 of the Vaani Resort. As a couple's honeymoon takes a horrifyin ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

A couple checks into the enigmatic Room No. 911, but when the husband, Sanjay, returns from a morning outing, the resort’s General Manager, Amar, denies their presence and the existence of the room. W ...Read more

As Balli prepares to launch a raid at the resort, his superior, SSP Sagar, halts his actions, sparking tension with the owner, Raj, who vehemently opposes such interference. Amidst the turmoil, Balli ...Read more

Sanjana and Priya reunite, revealing their past connection from college. Sanjana confides in Priya about the ominous Room No. 911, exposing the rift between her fiancé, Ajay (the resort's actual owner ...Read more

Sanjana confides in Priya about Ajay's disappearance after his visit to Vaani Resort. Meanwhile, Priya receives a promotion call from Amar, but her joy turns to shock when she discovers Sanjana missin ...Read more

Balli orchestrates a cunning trap, unveiling shocking revelations about the intertwined pasts of Ragini, Raj, and Ajay. As Balli delves deeper into the investigation, Amar confesses to the grisly murd ...Read more

Balli asks Amar about the secret passage to Room Number 911, to which Amar reveals the way. Balli is astounded as he steps into Room 911, discovering Raj's elaborate deception. With newfound clarity, ...Read more

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