IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2022Drama,Suspense125hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

In a quiet hill town, two teenage slum-dwelling girls discover an abandoned DSLR. A young, passionate journalist visits the same hill station after his girlfriend mysteriously disappears. Their lives ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Muskaan and Dimple find a deserted camera while a young journalist, Sayan arrives in the same hilly town looking for his missing girlfriend.

Priti struggles to keep the funding going for the girl's shelter home while Sayan does not get cooperation from the police and decides to take matters into his own hand.

An ugly crime shakes up the police force and the community of the quaint hamlet. A cold competitive tension develops between Muskan and Dimple regarding Bichoo and about being Manohar's favorite.

The police joins hands with Sayan to find the culprit behind serial abductions and murders. Manohar chooses Dimple for his talent program but she gets distracted with snooping around leading to danger ...Read more

The DSLR footage becomes an important clue in the police investigation. Sayan and the police force finally discover exactly what happened to Tania. Bicchoo and Muskan become instrumental in helping th ...Read more

Sayan, Muskan and Bichoo track down Sundar's "supplier" but to no avail. They work in tandem with the police force, and we jump back and forth in time to see how Tania had stumbled upon a can of worms ...Read more

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