Tera Chhalaava

Tera Chhalaava

IMDb Rating NA
Season 15 Episodes
2022Drama98hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

Death is eclectic when sourced from love and relationships. Murder mystery styles and locations to suit all tastes driven by Love. “Chhalaava” (Illusion) is an anthology of short stories which thrill, ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Bestseller writer Sharan was suffering from an elusive writer’s block! and haunted by visuals of a hand clawing out from the lake, gasping for breath. The beautiful psychiatrist Anjali was not only hi ...Read more

Beautiful sex worker Rehana put up a front to be strong and unbreakable but in her heart, she dreamt of a life of respect and love. Dreams do come true when she meets Siraj a local mechanic. But! Deat ...Read more

Gauri was just about surviving to keep her marriage intact making matters worse was her debit ridden alcoholic husband Anurag. Consumed in an affair with a much younger girl Naina, Anurag must pay up ...Read more

A devoted Arman had outlived his past with Radhika and repented his unfaithfulness to become the perfect husband, son in-law and father to be. But had Archita his ever-suspicious wife forgiven him? If ...Read more

Sangeet Maestro Samrat Sanyal had won every award that was there to be won for music yet he felt a void! Meera the ever-devoted wife loved Samrat but she loved her son more and wanted him to be the pr ...Read more

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