The Call Girl - A love Story

The Call Girl - A love Story

IMDb Rating NA
Season 13 Episodes
2022Drama43hr 00 min Season 13 Episodes

5 men hired a girl for their pleasure and they use to come to the call girl on fixed days. But Arjun cheated them by coming on Saturday and Sunday apart from Monday. They get caught and the contract b ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Arjun seduces the girl under the bed. The door bell rings leaving them in suspecting that one of their friends must be there. However, there was no one. They again make love in washroom.

The call girl asks if he loves her more than his wife. Arjun accepts that but is not willing to divorce his wife as he might lose all his property on doing that and also the partnership of his friends ...Read more

The call girl gets frustrated and tells him what she does with his friends. While they are intimate a phone came from Arjun's wife and he had to leave her. Later he calls to tell her that his friends ...Read more

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