The Confusion

The Confusion

IMDb Rating NA
Season 18 Episodes
2023Drama262hr 00 min Season 18 Episodes

This narrative has a social message to it. It is about the thoughts of three married women from the city. Every woman has her own beliefs about marriage, taking care of their family, believing in it, ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Rahul, Sonia, Aditi, Alina, Aarav, and all of their friends are introduced as the primary protagonists of the plot.

Everyone gathers to the farm house.

There is a miscommunication between Rahul and Sonia in this situation over minor issues.

When Rahul is promoted, he becomes preoccupied with fulfilling Sonia's desire. Sonia, on the other hand, believes Rahul is giving her less time.

Gaurav plots to have Alina fall in love, while Chadda instructs Eva to pretend to be in love with Rahul in order to obtain the tender.

Gaurav manages to make Alina fall in love with him. Eva, on the other hand, is attempting to carve out a space in Rahul's heart.

Rahul calls a little late on the wedding anniversary, Sonia does not pick up, Rahul drinks upset, and Eva tries to take advantage of this.

Sonia attends an Anniversary party with Gaurav and is lured by a drink. Gaurab engages in personal contact with her. He is also in a relationship with Alina, while Eva attempts to entice Rahul by gett ...Read more

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