Unknown Caller

Unknown Caller

IMDb Rating NA
Season 13 Episodes
2023Crime79hr 00 min Season 13 Episodes

"Unknown Caller" is a gripping series that delves into the consequences of missed calls on one's life. The protagonist, Sarah, receives a mysterious call that sets off a chain of events leading to une ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Inspired by true events, "Unknown Caller" presented by Tamasha Original Films, opens with Rocky receiving a series of blank calls. Initially, he dismisses them as a minor annoyance, but as the calls i ...Read more

As the blank calls continue to disrupt Rocky’s life, the paranoia spreads to those around him. His quirky girlfriend, a determined policeman, and a vigilant watchman each speculate about the origin of ...Read more

The relentless ringing of the blank calls leads to a wild and complex case. The community becomes engrossed in the mystery, questioning who is behind this psychological torment and why they are target ...Read more

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