Vintage Boys

Vintage Boys

IMDb Rating NA
Season 18 Episodes
2022Drama168hr 00 min Season 18 Episodes

Vintage Boys is a story of some of the most interesting and amazing old men, who still consider themselves lonely, even after so many years of their marriage. Even now they are wandering, in search of ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Some rapturous widowed men have strangely fled to a place known as 'Dreamland', where new admission process has commenced for this year. These men have either fought at home with their family members ...Read more

All these strange and weird widowed men who have come to Dreamland to fill out the admission forms are experts in some form of art, but for some reason are rejected by Kashmiri. Kashmiri approves the ...Read more

Bajradanti explains all the rules and regulations of Dreamland to the new vintage boys and also allocates a room partner to them. Later on, Kashmiri asks all the vintage boys to take a pledge with her ...Read more

During Yoga, there's a verbal argument between Ustad and Major Manmouji about Kashmiri which later on divides the whole Dreamland into two teams. A game of Kabbadi is held to see who is more deserving ...Read more

As soon as Major starts celebrating, as he surprisingly defeated Ustad and his teammates in the match of Kabbadi, there's a new vintage boy whom everyone notices. Later on, they learn that the new vin ...Read more

Dr. Dendu has finally succeeded in making formula's or perfume (iter) through which any male will get sexually attracted towards another male and a similar formula whereby, any female will get sexuall ...Read more

Kashmiri falls in love with Nanhe and all the vintage boys plans to eliminate Nanhe, but their plan fails and they are caught red handed. Bajradanti punishes them with a whip.

Nanhe plans to marry Kashmiri with her parents consent. All the other vintage boys are jealous and plan to break their marriage. Nanhe shows the wedding card to Kashmiri, when all of a sudden out of n ...Read more

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