Zombie Love

Zombie Love

IMDb Rating NA
Season 13 Episodes
2022Horror28hr 00 min Season 13 Episodes

Isha and Vivan are having drinks and they fall asleep. As they wake up, they find the whole city is invaded by deadly virus named Zombie. This virus is making people Zombie's. Suddenly, their neighbou ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Isha comes to Vivan apartment to drink. Soon they both gets drunk and slept. As she woke up she finds missed calls from her mother. While she was about to go, her neighbor enters the apartment and run ...Read more

As both exits the flat, they found Zombie's everywhere. In order to save themselves, they return back to their apartment. Soon, the neighbor who has turned Zombie attacks them. Isha kills the neighbor ...Read more

Isha and Vivan gets romantically attracted when Isha shows him some dance moves. They both goes for the lovemaking, when something unnatural happens.

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