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Faith Is The Bridge Between Our Finite Reason And Krishnas Infinite Reason Gita If We Don'T Marginalize The Mind,The Mind Will Marginalize Us Gita If We Let Our Mundane Desires Drive Us,They Will Drive Us Mad Gita Gods Purpose Is Not Just To Comfort Us - It Is Also To Challenge Us And Change Us Gita Happiness Is Found Not In Sensation But In Absorption Gita Focus On Doing What You Can,Not On What You Can'T Gita Even If Our Past Seems Like A Prison,Krishna Is The Key To Unlock It Gita Emotion Divorced From Reason Ends In Tribulation Gita It Takes Courage To Dream - And It Takes Courage To Hand Our Dream Over To Krishna Gita Intelligence May Not Be A Decisive Weapon,But It Is An Incisive Weapon Gita God Did It Is Not Necessarily A Curiosity-Stopper,It Can Be A Curiosity-Stimulator Gita Humility Is The Pathway To Krishna,Not The Password To Position In A Power Structure Gita If We Neglect What We Are Saved From,We Gravitate Towards What We Were Saved From Gita In A War,To Be Casual Is To Be Suicidal Gita Humility Transforms A Protest Against God Into A Prayer To God Gita Hearing Is The Heart Of Healing Gita Illusion Misdirects Our Determination To Drive Us Deeper Into Illusion Gita Imprecision In Identifying Our Enemies Increases Our Enemies Gita God Is Present In Our Heart,But Our Consciousness Is Usually Not Present There Gita Intelligence Means To Know Which Thoughts To Contemplate And Which To Neglect Gita Inability To Stand Others Weaknesses Is A Weakness Gita Humility Paves The Way From Perplexity To Clarity Gita Indiscriminate Indulgence Makes The Impulsive Compulsive Gita Glorification Of The One Brings The Unification,Elevation And Satisfaction Of The Many Gita Forgiving Is Not Forgetting - It Is A Fresh Way Of Remembering Gita For The Incautious,The Dangerous Becomes Disastrous Gita For The Godly,Illusion Is Occasional,For The Ungodly,Illumination Is Occasional Gita Education Is Meant To Inform And Transform Our Imagination Gita Even If We Can'T Change Our Desires,We Can Change Our Attitude Towards Our Desires Gita Even If We Have To Live With Pain,We Dont Have To Live In Pain Gita Engage With Reality On Your Terms,Not On The Mind'S Terms Or The World'S Terms Gita Even If We Can'T Be Grateful For All Situations,We Can Be Grateful In All Situations Gita Humility Arises From Acknowledging Our Vulnerability Gita Go Beyond Two Equalities To True Equality Gita Humility Comes By Acknowledging That We Dont Have Access To Krishnas Plan Gita Grace Is Not A Sugar Coating For Our Life,It Is The Substantial Reorienting Of Our Life Gita Illusion Can Cover Everything,Even The Way Out Of Illusion Gita God Determines The Scope Of Our Actions,Not Our Actions Themselves Gita For Humanity To Not Work Against Humanity,Spirituality Is A Necessity Gita Fanatics Don'T Hold Opinions - Their Opinions Hold Them Gita Focus On The Mind'S Track Record,Not On Its Sound-Track Gita Evidence Is Only As Good As The Person Evaluating It Gita Emptiness In The Pursuit Of Worthy Goals Is A Pointer To The Worthiest Goal Gita Everything Is Not Relative - Everything Is Related Gita Even If We Cant Be Transfixed,We Can Still Be Fixed Gita Curiosity is for knowledge what hunger is for food Gita Control the mind before it controls you Gita Atheism claims to reject God,but only replaces him Gita Corruption of the intelligence needs correction by the intelligence Gita A season of grieving may be necessary; but a lifetime of grieving isnt Gita Compassion needs to be felt as affection; not as condescension Gita Circumstantial anxiety can be addressed materially,but existential anxiety needs to be addressed only spiritually Gita Change is easier when we focus on starting something positive; not on stopping something negative Gita As long as staying where we are remains bearable; we rarely move forward Gita Animals have souls - they just don't have the consciousness to know they have souls Gita Appreciate small victories as stepping stones to big victories Gita Addictive desires feed themselves through us and then they starve us Gita Counter temptation not just at the level of activity but at the level of identity Gita Combination of inner collection and outer contribution nourishes devotion Anxiety is not incidental to materialism - it is intrinsic Gita Culture is meant to instill values; not instigate cravings Gita Choosing Krishna is the one choice that empowers us to make better choices Gita Craving cant be curbed; but cravings can be cured Battles are often lost or won outside the battlefield; inside the mind Gita As soon as we stop working constructively; our mind starts working destructively Gita Acknowledging the variables we cant control doesnt mean abandoning the variables we can Gita Association works; but making it work is our responsibility Gita Communicating means speaking in the language that the audience understands Gita Bhakti requires a radical re-assessment of our deepest desires Gita Bhakti is not another to-do - it is another way to do Gita Be ready to wait in the confusing in-between till it becomes illuminating Gita Be not just discerning and determined - be devoted Gita A pile of toys is not worth a pile of troubles Gita We need big shoulders to bear the weight of freedom We need the eyes to see what our eyes need to see We may have to disagree,but we don’t have to be disagreeable We may be theists philosophically and yet be atheists practically Within moments; the mind can change awesome to awful Unhealthy cravings are often unhealthy expressions of healthy needs We are in a dream,but we are not a dream We can’t always control how we feel,but we can control how we act We are shaped not just by our ideological faith but also by our functional faith We are conditioned not so much by what we are as by what we are missing Why crave for any pleasure that makes us a slave Willpower is a finite resource – use it wisely When emotions appeal within us; be the umpire; not the appealer When we become at home in Krishna; we go home to Krishna When we resolve I will not do this the mind erases the not When we keep liking whatever our mind likes; we end up not liking ourselves When the mind shows us all that we don’t have,the intelligence needs to show When our desires change suddenly from spiritual to sensual; know that the lasso of illusory desires has fallen on us When the ego says go; tell the ego to go When life hurts; dont let the mind increase the hurt When no gain relieves pain; seek the gain beyond pain We will give in to outer drives unless we discover our own inner drive What we look for in the world is not to be found in the world We need to know that which we can’t not know Drive The Chariot Of The Mind - Don't Be Driven By It Gita Don't Waste Your Pain Gita Dont Let The Mind Show You What You Are Missing Gita
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