Tiggers Balloon Tigger And Eeyore Roo Goes Swimming Eeyores Contest The Rescue Of Lulu The Elephant On The Vic Falls Humpty Dumpty Betty Boop - The Hot Air Salesman (1937) Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp Gabby Goes Fishing Betty Boop - 1938 - On With The New Betty Boop Grampy The Candid Candidate (1937) Betty Boop Ding Dong Doggie (1937) Betty Boop - My Friend The Monkey - 1939 Betty Boop'S Rise To Fame (1934) Casper The Friendly Ghost_There'S Good Boos Tonight Betty Boop'S Crazy Inventions (1933) Betty Boop A Language All My Own (1935) The Kids In The Shoe Spirit of 43 Old Macdonald Had A Farm Little Audrey Fright To The Finish Assault And Flattery Fifth Column Mouse The Friendly Ghost Wolf Wolf I Wanna Be A Sailor Gopher Spinach A Date To Skate To Duck Or Not To Duck Daffy Duck And The Dinosaur Pantry Panic Greek Mirthology Heckle And Jeckle Falling Hare Cheese Burglar The Timid Toreador The Three Bears The Big Bad Wolf Cookin With Gags Porky's Cafe Dick And Larry_Barnyard Bunk Dick And Larry_Jolly Fish Betty Boop - So Does An Automobile Betty Boop A Little Soap And Water Betty Boop - Pudgy Picks A Fight (1937) Betty Boop - 1932 - Betty Boop'S Ker Choo Betty Boop - Betty In Blunderland Casper The Friendly Ghost_The Friendly Ghost Betty Boop E Pudgy - Little Nobody Betty Boop - Judge For A Day (1935) Betty Boop - Grampys Indoor Outing Betty Boop - Pudgy Takes A Bow Wow Alls Well Cad And Caddy Gabby King For A Day Felix The Cat - The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg I Don'T Scare Cookin' With Gags Merrie Melodies Old Mother Hubbard Betty Boop And Pudgy Making Friends Betty Boop - Is My Palm Read - 1933 Ancient Fistory Floor Flusher Simple Simon Popeye Greek Mythology Gabby Fire Cheese Little Audrey - Tarts And Flowers Patriotic Popeye Popeye Spooky Swabs Casper The Friendly Ghost_Boo Moon Betty Boop And The Little King (1936) Cartoon Classics Reel_The Tuba Tooter Betty Boop And Little Jimmy Betty Boop - Betty Boop With Henry Spree Lunch Popeye The Sailor_Customers Wanted Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba'S Forty Thieves Popeye For President Popeye The Sailor_Out To Punch Popeye'S 20Th Anniversary Mr Piper_The Magic Horn Little Lulu - Bargain Counter Attack Popeye The Sailor Man_Me Musical Nephews Naughty But Mice Let'S Sing With Popeye Mr Piper_The Three Sisters Private Eye Popeye Popeye - Gopher Spinach Nearlyweds Little Audrey The Lost Dream Taxi-Turvy Mr Piper Ali Baba Shuteye Popeye Popeye The Sailor Man_Insect To Injury Popeye - Big Bad Sindbad (1952) Parlez Vous Woo Mr Piper_The Kindhearted Girl Mr Piper_The Proud Princess
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