Paying Guests

Paying Guests

IMDb Rating NA
Season 15 Episodes
2023Comedy106hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

The scintillating game of Boudi and Thakurpos is back with another interesting scenario and with even more entertaining characters! Don't miss this one!

Languages: Hindi

After the tryst with their fantasies about Uma Boudi, the Thakurpos are back; but in a rehabilitation centre. Will Boudi come again to set their desires free?

The boys are elated when Jhuma Boudi enters their lives. But what’s keeping her so restless in the rehab run by the misogynistic Chorda?

After being kept under strict observation in the rehab, the Thakurpos revolt against the rules made by Chorda by trying to get Boudi’s attention.

Chorda informs his elder brother about the nuisance happening in his rehab; while Jhuma Boudi plays a riddle game with the Thakurpos about her husband’s name.

The riddle game by Boudi is over for everyone, especially the boys. But who could finally solve it?

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