Murders By Masses

Murders By Masses

IMDb Rating NA
Season 17 Episodes
2021Drama216hr 00 min Season 17 Episodes

Both, the man, named Pratyush, and woman, named Renuka, who were living the normal life till now but due to lockdown, few unfortunate events take place in their lives which led to go their sexuality p ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Two stories running in parallel with courtroom hearing of domestic violence and dowry accusation against, Pratyush, and a father having conservative beliefs getting to know about sexual identity of he ...Read more

First live video call between two, Pratyush and Nishant, who grapples with their identity and sexuality while experiencing the everyday struggles of childhood, adolescence and typical Indian family li ...Read more

Baba’s spiritual beliefs and views on living a life of purity devoted to god plays in backdrop of Renuka’s family mourning the news of her death. Courtroom drama moves on to bring out further details ...Read more

Renuka comes back home and a series of hateful actions from her father takes place who is still struggling to accept the sexual identity of her daughter and locks her inside a room thinking her to be ...Read more

Renuka is locked up in a room thirsty and hungry for several days and is communicating with her girlfriend, Sunaina. Pratyush and Nishant are getting more closer to each other every passing day. Court ...Read more

Pratyush’s identity reveal on social media divides opinion with one side using hate speech and other side supporting the sexual identity of Pratyush. Renuka who is still locked up tries to defend her ...Read more

Face-off between Swami ji and LGBTQ NGO head with each person engaging in highly tensed arguments while presenting their respective views on the social acceptance of LGBTQ community. Pratyush posts an ...Read more

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